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Eucharist bread and wine

St. Luke Parish will have the First Eucharist celebrations in 2018 at two Masses at 10:30 am (first half of alphabet) and 1:00 pm (second half of alphabet) on Saturday, April 21. Relatives should check with the families of the First Communicants to confirm which Mass they should attend.



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St Luke Religious Education Office

To visit the Religious Education Office, come to the gray double doors on Lake Street at the southeast corner of the school building and ring the doorbell.

If no one answers, you may drop off any religious education forms and fees at the St. Luke Parish Rectory, 528 Lathrop Avenue (first building north of the church).




 Eucharist: The Sacrament of Unity


 "The Eucharist is the center and heart of Christian life for the universal Church and for each Christian. All that pertains to Christian Life leads to the Eucharist celebration or flows from it." 

                                                             ~ Sharing the Light of Christian Faith


In the Eucharist, Jesus invites us to join Him in this meal with God's family, the Christian community. The example of parents and family members in attendance and participating at Sunday Mass each week is a powerful and an important living example to children. 


 "We, though many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf."

                                                         ~ 1 Corinthians 10:17


 Requirements for the Reception of the Sacrament of Eucharist


Children who display the proper readiness will be permitted to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist. The formal religious education will be within the parish program. The informal preparation and guidance takes place within the home. The following are the guidelines and requirements:

  • The child must be baptized (or made a Profession of Faith) prior to the reception of the sacrament.
  • A baptismal certificate is to be presented upon registering for the sacrament.
  • The child must understand the following basic concepts:                                                                   

          a.   Who God is

          b.   Who Jesus is

          c.   What Jesus' life is about

          d.   Have a desire to participate in the Mass and to receive the Eucharist

          e.   Have the ability to distinguish ordinary bread from the Eucharist


  • Parental involvement in the preparation of the child is extremely important, necessary and valuable.
  • ALL children must attend and participate in the 1st and 2nd years (not including kindergarten) of religion classes, before they receive the sacrament. Note: Home Catechesis cannot be done in the 2nd year.
  • Regular attendance at classes and special liturgies is necessary and extremely important.
  • Regular church attendance on Sundays and Holy Days is essential and presumed for all candidates and their parents.



 Eucharist Fee of $125.00 must be paid before Eucharist Weekend.


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The 2017-2018 Registration Form for the Religious Education Program can be downloaded from the link below and filled out by hand and mailed or faxed.


Or you can fill it out on your computer and email it back to us. However, you must open it with either the Adobe Reader or Acrobat program before you type your information into the form!


BEFORE you open the registration form, please click the link to the Registration Form Instructions to see how to use the form in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

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Rosary with words "Hail Mary, Mother of God"


Second Grade Parents:
For directions on how to prepare for
our rosary-making party, click here.

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