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Our goal is to enable couples to develop a beautiful and permanent relationship. The priests and trained couples assist engaged couples with the necessary preparations to celebrate this sacrament.


Please contact the Parish Office for an appointment (708-771-8250) at least 4 months in advance of the proposed wedding date.



Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage


The most important aspect of Marriage is the choice made by the bride and groom to make a solemn pledge of faithful love to each other within the context of our Catholic faith. This is a time for both parties to examine not only the depth of their commitment to each other, but also the depth of their commitment to Jesus and His body, the Church. Marriage in church with a religious ceremony presupposes the active faith life of the couple. This includes their registration and participation in a particular parish or faith community. In fact, the general rule of the Archdiocese is that the marriage take place in the geographical parish of the bride and/or groom.


Weddings are usually scheduled at St. Luke Church at the following times:

Saturday: 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm

Each couple will have approximately one hour for the ceremony and for taking pictures.



1)  Meeting with a priest or deacon at St. Luke Parish to schedule the wedding at least four months before the date.

2)  Completion of a premarital questionnaire to be filled out by the priest or deacon, then signed by the prospective bride and groom under oath.

3)  Presentation of a Baptismal certificate that has been updated within the previous six months, a Confirmation certificate, two affidavits affirming each party's freedom to marry, and a marriage license brought to the rectory no later than the day of the rehearsal.

4)  Attendance at a Pre-Cana Conference or Discovery Weekend.

5)  Completed Wedding Music Planning Form submitted to the parish musician not less than six weeks prior to the wedding date.

6)  Completed Liturgy Planning Sheet turned in at the final meeting with the priest or deacon.

7)  An offering to the church that is in keeping with the overall tone of the wedding.

8)  Review of Wedding Guide materials.


For more information, please contact the Parish Office at 708-771-8250.

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