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Thank you for your generous support of our St. Luke Parish 125th Anniversary Campaign and for sending your pledge gifts in a timely manner. We are able to schedule projects as the pledges come in, so your regular payments help us keep moving forward.


Here's where we stand today, as of June 1, 2017:

Total Amount Pledged:

 Ninety percent of Capital Campaign Pledges have been fulfilled to date.

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Why did we need to undertake this campaign?


What is the goal of the campaign?


What stewardship oversight is built into the campaign?


Why did we need $2 million?


Couldn’t we pay for repair, preservation and maintenance out of our operating budget?


The buildings look fine. Aren’t we going overboard?


Will we use the principal of the fund or just the interest?


Are contributions to this campaign still needed?


How can I participate in this important Capital Campaign?


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125th Anniversary Capital Campaign
Comes to a Generous and Successful Close

March 31, 2017 represented the official close of our 125th Anniversary Capital Campaign. Thanks to the characteristically generous participation of St. Luke parishioners we have collected nearly $2.1 million in donations, surpassing our goal of $2 million!


Look around the campus and you’ll see plenty of evidence of how these funds have improved the visible and behind-the-scenes condition of our parish. Of course, once our remaining work is completed, all commemorative gifts will be noted with plaques in appropriate locations. And please remember that commemorative gift opportunities are always available through the Parish Office to honor our families and loved ones.  


Work of the magnitude made possible by the campaign had not been done at St. Luke since 1937, so there was real urgency to assure the preservation and safety of our beloved church and school buildings. More work remains to be done to fully restore our church and rectory structures, but we know that our buildings now have been safeguarded from the imminent problems we faced only five years ago.


Some pledges were made over an extended period and have yet to be fulfilled. The amounts yet to be received from these extended pledges are critical to our parish, and they will enable our parish to carry out remaining priorities for restoration and repair. The parish is strongly counting on the fulfillment of all pledges to the 125th Anniversary Campaign to complete this work.


As is inevitable with campaigns of this nature, over the multi-year time span of the campaign – from initial planning to conclusion – a number of factors increased the cost of the work. These factors include the economic and construction boom that increased the cost of tuckpointing and the discovery for the first time, after surface layers began to be exposed, of severe damage “below the surface.” As a result, our tuckpointing costs were hundreds of thousands of dollars more than had been originally estimated before our campaign


Our parish has made significant progress in its ongoing effort to maintain the integrity, strength, and usefulness of our buildings. Future planning and fundraising undoubtedly will be needed to continue to preserve our St. Luke Parish structures, but we can say with pride that the 125th Anniversary Campaign has taken us a long way into assuring that learning and worship at St. Luke Parish can take place in buildings that are safe and energy efficient and that preserve the vision of our parish founders.


A special thanks goes to everyone who participated in the 125th Anniversary Campaign. It is the generosity of St. Luke parishioners that has made this campaign the success that it is, and you can be very proud as you look around at our beautiful church, school, and grounds.


Project Progress Report Minimize

St. Luke Church under repair

St. Luke Church    Estimated Cost      Actual Cost
Front Plaza and Stairs Restoration $             * $        32,905
New Accessible Bathroom $         39,200 $        39,572
New Boiler Burners $         31,000 $        31,000
New Vacuum Tanks $         48,000 $        47,580
Flat Roof Repairs $           9,000 $          7,050
Church Gutters Repair $         14,000 $        13,615
Side Ramp/Railings Repairs $         25,190 $        22,785
Tuckpointing South Facade/Bell Tower $       285,618 $      736,930
                —               —             —
Stained Glass Window Repairs $        200,000             TBD
Pew & Kneeler Repairs $          53,000             TBD
Plumbing $        100,000             TBD
Electrical Upgrade $          60,000             TBD



St. Luke Parish School

St. Luke Parish School    Estimated Cost    Actual Cost
New Window Lifts/Balancers $          17,825 $        19,775
New Wheelchair Lift $          43,000 $        42,910
New Main Roof $        138,000 $      119,988
Gym Roof Repairs $          13,000 $        12,013
Window Well Curbing Raised $          19,500 $        14,930
New Sewage Ejector Pumps $          15,000 $        14,879
Walkway Repairs $             * $        15,368
Roof Hatch $           4,000 $          3,000
Jesus and Children Statue Refinishing $           2,400 $          2,400
Tuckpointing/New Window Lintels $         247,210 $       250,430
Gym Windows $           58,000            TBD
School Plumbing $         400,000            TBD
Other School Improvements $           38,000            TBD



St. Luke Rectory

Other Facilities    Estimated Cost    Actual Cost
Rectory Roof Repairs $           3,100 $         3,100
Rectory Garage Roof Repairs $           2,800 $         2,180
Convent Garage Roof Repairs $           7,500 $         7,345
Rectory Walks/Driveway Repairs $              * $         8,900
Rectory Tuckpointing $          37,500            TBD
Rectory Maintenance/Improvements $         185,500            TBD


           *Concrete work for the church, school and rectory walkways, steps and plaza were combined into one estimate of $50,000.



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